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End of Year Procedure

Just a quick end of year message, official lectures as per the timetable are over, however ALL learners should be attending on their normal days until 7th July or when told by the course manager that they may leave.

This is to ensure that all work is handed in, marked and submitted to the various external verifiers.

All learners who have not yet submitted everything should attend every day of the week until they have done so, space will be found for you.

You are reminded that progression onto the second year of a program is not automatic you must complete year one to a sufficient level to enable you to continue to year two.

Good luck everyone, its been a pleasure.


Christmas Message

Just a quick Christmas Message, all classes end at 12 noon on Friday 16th December. I apologise to all parents for sending home your teenagers so early, it's not my fault, I blame Santa.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Please note: Timetables start on the 3rd January 2017 as Monday 2nd is a bank holiday.


Returning Students

Students who are returning to us this year please be aware of your first date of attendance, these are as follows

Anyone not sure what they are doing or need to do, please drop me an email, thanks.


Grade Tracker

A new feature has been added to the site this year called "Grade Tracker". This is a secure feature so both parents and students will need to request a login by sending an email to Email you will need to include a current studentID this will be on the student ID card that is issued in September.
This feature is currently under test so please report any faults you find to the same email, thanks.


Provisional Timetables for 2016-17 are available.

When you click on the timetable link above you will notice there is a new layout this year, the timetables are arranged by week numbers. This is because some timetables alter slightly week by week, so please make sure you check each week before you attend to ensure you are in the right place at the right time.

Another change is in the late procedure, if you are late you will have to pick up a late slip from the student support team before coming to class. You will not be allowed into class without one if you are late. This will not be a problem for most of you who turn up on time.
If you are new to college this year, welcome! if you are an old hat then welcome back. Please follow the link (Timetables) above and remember to refresh your browser (F5)